The 8 Colors of Fitness Quiz

Read each pair of descriptions and indicate the one that describes you best. Which do you naturally prefer? Keep in mind there are no right or wrong answers as we make use of all aspects of our personality at one time or another.

Starts with the big picture, then finds the facts Starts with the facts, then forms the big picture
Seeks a wide variety of people and experiences Prefers knowing a few people and things well
Seeks closure Wants more information
Seen as personal and heartfelt Seen as forthcoming and objective
Acts, speaks, THEN reflects Reflects, THEN acts and speaks
Drawn to what is immediately practical Drawn more to models and concepts
In a work group, first thinks about harmony In a work group, thinks first about efficiency
Completes one project before starting another Enjoys juggling multiple projects at once
Openly expresses thoughts Selectively expresses thoughts
Is won over by an appeal to values Is won over by logic
Believes planning creates opportunity Believes adapting creates opportunities
Prefers knowing the facts of a situation Prefers knowing the possibilities of a situation
Readily initiates interactions with others Tends to be more self-contained
First considers cause and effect First considers impact on people
Learns through the big picture Learns best step by step
Likes to have things settled Is excited by spontaneity
Feels restless during extended time alone Savors extended time alone
Believes disagreement leads to better outcomes Finds that disagreement is uncomfortable
Trusts more in actual experience Trusts more in insight
Welcomes improvisation Prefers sticking to the schedule
Is naturally skeptical Is naturally trusting
Memory is rich in details of past events Memory emphasizes patterns and connections
Talks more than listens Listens more than talks
Finds that flexibility is comfortable Finds that routine is comfortable
Weighs facts and data to make a decision Weighs values and feelings to make decisions
Separates work from play Enjoys mixing work and play
Believes facts mostly illustrate principles Believes facts speak for themselves
Speaks faster, more spontaneously Speaks slower, more deliberately